Along a narrow band of the western coast grows a tree with breathtaking beauty  

Exploring the forests of the Olympic Peninsula  

Exploring the forests of the Olympic Peninsula  


The temperate Mediterranean climate along the coast of the Pacific Northwest feeds the abundant, lush forests that grow just inland from the coast.

This region is the only place where the Big Leaf Maple grows! But don't worry, Acer Macrophyllum is at no risk of being over harvested.

The wood from this great tree is usually light in color and is known for its complex figuring and exuberant burl growths.




There are few sawyers who have the patience to do what it takes to bring out a tree's greatest potential. Curing a log for several years before milling allows the sugar sap to ferment and the prismatic colors of the wood to set in. In my hunt for the most interesting slabs I could find, I ran across a man who utilized this painstaking technique.

 Among his collection of exciting maple slabs were a small number that expressed a wide variety of color throughout the wood grain. This type of coloring is highly unusual and can only occur under specific soil conditions. 

There were very few slabs available with this coloring, nonetheless I picked up as many as I could and brought them back to Denver. 

Prism Maple detail

Prism Maple detail

the prism maple collection

The Prism Maple Collection is a series of furniture and artwork featuring this intricate and exciting timber; only a few select slabs in my inventory qualify.

Each slab is rich with character. Streaks of smoke, cardamom, and burnt orange run throughout the figured grain. The heartwood exhibits hues of coral and pink while the sapwood is spalted and gnarled with burls.  

Every design in the series features a vivid blue glass river that meanders through the piece to create a striking visual statement, giving each piece a life of its own. 

The Prism Coffee Table

Make the prism maple collection part of your home

The Prism Maple Collection will be available for a small number of commission orders and new works will be released periodically for purchase in the furniture and artwork sections of my online store. 

The Prism Maple Collection Coffee Table in a beautiful Denver home. 

The Prism Maple Collection Tea Table/Wall Hanging